School Bus Cameras + Sink Hole Snafu

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Drivers who pass a stopped school bus will soon be subject to penalties using Nassau County school bus cameras. A woman in Elmont has a sink hole in his front yard and, she says, no help fixing it. People get started help workers at two Long Beach businesses destroyed in a fire in May.

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Here are today’s top stories in Five Towns:

  1. Nassau County approved three measures to install school bus cameras to record drivers passing stopped buses. After a warning period, the fines for overtaking the bus will be $ 250 for the first violation, then $ 275 and $ 300 for the second and third violations within 18 months of the first. (Room)
  2. News 12 interviews with an Elmont resident who faces a sinkhole in her front yard. The hole is five feet wide and eight feet deep. (News 12)
  3. Keldy Ortiz reports on efforts to raise funds for employees of two Long Beach businesses destroyed in a fire in May. Sorrento and Abyss Art and Tattoo Studio were both destroyed and Monday’s raffles raised funds for employees of small businesses. (News day)

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Today in five cities

Five cities notepad

  • Nassau County officers found and assisted a pit bull in Inwood who needed water, bites and surgery in a local shelter. (Facebook)
  • The officers of the 4th Precinct also helped a local resident who locked his keys in his car at the Five Towns Mall.. (Facebook)
  • Hewlett-Woodmere Little League Is Always Looking For Enough Girls To Play Softball to bring the program back this fall. (Facebook)
  • Preoccupied by who your child is talking to online? Discover this seminar organized by Saving Lives Five Towns Coalition.

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