Conexant SmartHCF-PCI

Chipset data:

Conexant Systems, Inc. formerly Rockwell Semiconductor Systems
PCI bus controllerless (HCF) modem with SmartDAA, pin-compatible with Conexant SmartHSF chipset.
Linux support
2003-09-08: The beta program for the Rockwell/Conexant HCF modem driver is over.
The proprietary driver may be purchased from Linuxant. Old, no-cost beta versions
of the driver will not be supported or distributed by Linuxant.
Read their FAQ.

2002-04-25: There is a beta driver for Rockwell/Conexant HCF modems with SmartDAA available here.
The beta drivers are more current than the official driver.

2002-02-06: The official Conexant driver will be posted here when it is released.

PCI Vendor ID=14F1, Device ID=1063: SmartHCF     data/fax
PCI Vendor ID=14F1, Device ID=1064: SmartHCF     data/fax/TAM
PCI Vendor ID=14F1, Device ID=1065: SmartHCF/S   data/fax/voice/sp
PCI Vendor ID=14F1, Device ID=1066: SmartHCF/S   data/fax/TAM/sp
PCI Vendor ID=14F1, Device ID=1053: SmartHCF/W   data/fax
PCI Vendor ID=14F1, Device ID=1054: SmartHCF/W   data/fax/TAM
PCI Vendor ID=14F1, Device ID=1055: SmartHCF/WS  data/fax/voice/sp
PCI Vendor ID=14F1, Device ID=1056: SmartHCF/WS  data/fax/TAM/sp  
SmartHCF        = P9573-11 + 20463-12            [D/F/TAM]
SmartHCF/S      = P9573-11 + 20463-12 + 20437-11 [D/F/TAM/V/FDSP]
SmartHCF/W      = P9573-11 + 20463-11            [D/F/TAM/WW]
SmartHCF/WS     = P9573-11 + 20463-11 + 20437-11 [D/F/TAM/V/FDSP/WW]

  20437-11     Voice Codec                               32-pin TQFP
  20463-11     Worldwide Line Side Device (Smart DAA)    32-pin TQFP
  20463-12     US/JPN/CA Line Side Device (Smart DAA)    32-pin TQFP
  P9573-11     Host Side Device                         100-pin TQFP
Rob Clark

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