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Intel(R) MD563X-HaM V.90
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The Intel® MD563X-HaM V.90 chipset is a leap forward in technology, performance, and cost savings. This Host Accelerated Modem (HaM) solution combines and optimizes the best features from software and hardware modems. It delivers superior performance and is cost competitive with software modems.

The MD563X-HaM uses the host computer's CPU to replace the modem's controller, and it does so with minimal degradation in CPU performance. Since today's CPUs are well equipped to handle Digital Signal Processing (DSP), some of these functions are diverted to the CPU for processing. Maximum system and modem performance is maintained by splitting the processing optimally between the CPU and DSP.

Unlike software modems, there is no performance penalty because the CPU does not handle all of the controller and DSP functions. Instead, functions have been strategically optimized for accelerated performance by either the CPU or the DSP depending on which device can perform them most efficiently—delivering a price, performance ratio that is hard to match.

Optimizing CPU usage in this manner eliminates the need for a controller and reduces the size of the DSP, thereby reducing part count, board size, and the amount of silicon used. These cost saving advantages make the MD563X-HaM a high-performance and feature-rich alternative to software modems.

With an integrated PCI interface, this V.90 solution provides robust data, fax, voice, and speakerphone features. Effective data receive rates up to 56K (53.333 kbps FCC max.) ensure interoperability with major Internet service providers around the world. The MD563X-HaM is Microsoft* WHQL certified, meets Microsoft PC 98 specifications for Windows*, and is TAPI and PCI 2.2 compliant. It supports legacy applications, PC-based communication requirements, and AT commands for data, Class 1 fax and IS-101 voice.

Key Features and Benefits

Host Accelerated Modem
Optimizes functions between CPU and DSP for superior performance and cost savings.
100-pin package The low pin count provides for a small form factor for desktop and mobile platforms.
PCI 2.2 compliant Compatible with PCI bus specifications.
Advanced power management (ACPI) Ideal choice for low power mobile platforms.
Wake-up-on-ring System wakes up from suspend state when a ring comes in.
Multiple OS support Driver support for Windows 95/98,
Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000.
WHQL certified Certified by Microsoft's Hardware Quality Labs for compatibility with Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.
Data rates up to 56Kbps¹ Compliant with ITU-V.90 and legacy specifications for interoperability with ISPs worldwide.
Class 1 fax Fax support to 14,400 bps
Voice support IS-101 voice, TAPI, and TAM compliant.
Full-Duplex Speakerphone (optional) Provides full-duplex (two-way) echo-cancelled conversation.
Caller ID Screen incoming calls.
International support Multi-country support provides easy customization for additional countries.

Additional Features

  • Merges benefits from software and hardware modems
  • Uses host’s CPU with minimal performance degradation
  • Distributes functions optimally between CPU and DSP
  • Cost savings
    • CPU eliminates need for controller
    • Smaller DSP chip
    • Reduced board size
    • Superior price/performance ratio
  • Data modulation
    • Data rates up to 56 kbps¹
    • ITU-V.90 56K compliant
    • ITU-T V.34 (33,600 to 2,400 BPS)
    • ITU-T V.32 bis, V.23, V.22 bis, V.21
    • Bell* 212A and 103
    • Error correction: ITU V.42 and MNP* 2–4
    • Data compression: ITU V.42 bis and MNP 5
  • Fax modulation
    • ITU-T V.17, V.29 to 14,400 BPS
    • Fax Class 1 commands
  • Interface
    • PCI 2.2 compliant
  • PC telephony
    • International telephony support
    • Voice compression: ADPCM, linear, and CL1
    • 4800, 7200, 8000, 9600, and 11025 samples/sec.
    • Full-duplex, echo-cancelled digital speakerphone
    • Telephone emulation for headset applications
    • Voice IS-101 commands
  • Power requirements
    • 3.3-V DSP
    • Automatic sleep and wake-up modes
    • ACPI (advanced configuration power interface)
  • Microsoft* PC 98 compliant
  • Microsoft‚ Windows* TAPI-compliant
  • AT command-driven
  • Supports Windows 95, 98, NT4.0, 2000, Millennium* and Linux*
  • Microsoft WHQL* certification for Windows 98, NT4.0, and 2000

Product and Packaging

  • MD5628D Digital Signal Processor (DSP) 100-pin LQFP
  • MD1724 Sigma Delta Analog Front End (SAFE) 44-pin LQFP, or Silicon DAA 16-pin SOIC (2)

¹ maximum speed allowed by the FCC is 53.333 kbps.

Intel® MD563X-HaM Chipset Technical Documentation
Type Title
Product Brief md563x.pdf (23K)
Driver Platform Size
ham412win2kxp.exe Windows 2000/XP 262K
ham412win9x.exe Windows 95/98 405K
ham412nt4.exe Windows NT 4.0 476K
ham412winme.exe Windows Millennium 327K
r-333-5.tgz Linux 2.2.X 432K
Intel-V92ham.tgz Linux 2.4.X 295K


* Legal Information and Privacy Policy © 2002 Intel Corporation

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